Hair and scalp

Length: 60 minutes

Price: 1390 CZK


There is nothing like a good scalp massage that dissolves tension. A pleasant head massage combined with nourishing hair care is exactly the experience that we do not indulge in too often. But it's a shame not to pamper yourself. Our series of green coconuts is rich in nutrients that can better reach the scalp and nourish your hair.

Procedure: Creamy hair bath with green coconut shampoo, coconut conditioner, green coconut hair nutrition.

Detox programme

Length: 120 minutes

Price: 2590 CZK


It detoxifies your body in a royal way. This ritual will help eliminate dead skin cells, increase lymphatic outflow and relieve muscle tension. Our highly trained therapists will make your comfort a priority, so you can completely relax while resting and relaxing.

Procedure: Body massage with soybean oil or soybean essential oil, seaweed body scrub and volcano body mask in a thermal blanket (wrap).

Pre-birth pregnancy ritual 

Length: 150 minutes

Price: 2990 CZK


The greatest gift a woman can receive is to be blessed with carrying a child. The procedure is designed to prepare the woman both physically and mentally for the expected birth. For hundreds of years, this ritual has been practiced among Javanese noble women to alleviate anxiety, alleviate the symptoms of depression, and alleviate muscle and joint pain and help remove stretch marks. The massage is extremely gentle, so expectant mothers do not have to worry about anything.

Procedure: Body massage with soybean oil or soybean essential oil, herbal body peeling, Bengkoang body mask, foot lotion, gel and peeling.

Slimming anticellulite programme 

Length: 120 minutes

Price: 2590 CZK


This special program is a very effective lifting procedure with a wrap, which helps in shaping the body and combating all types of cellulite. The peeling contains crushed sea salt, rich in vegetable magnesium and microscopic algae, containing minerals. By mixing with massage oil, it perfectly removes dead cells and at the same time saturates the skin with the necessary minerals, which remove toxins from the body.

Procedure: Anti-cellulite massage with soybean oil or essential oil, body peeling from sea salt and seaweed, body wrap from seaweed in a thermal blanket (wrap) 

Facial acupressure 

Length: 30 minutes

Price: 590 CZK


This massage focuses on the muscle points located on the face.

Procedure: Facial cleansing, facial acupressure, facial massage, mask and final cleansing with warm water.