Royal revitalising facial care

Length: 60 minutes

Price: 1590 CZK


Joy, happiness, sadness, nervousness - our face hides all these emotions, which leave certain traces. Fight the external signs of ageing with Royal Revitalise Facial and Biocell, which help slow down the ageing process, prevent wrinkles and increase blood circulation and oxygen flow, which increases the elasticity of your skin. Treat yourself to an hour of special facial massage, the reward will be wrinkle loss, a fresh look and soft skin.

Procedure: Facial cleansing, facial peeling, mask - Royal Revitalise Facial or Biocell products. Complete facial massage.

Kumara ratih ritual

Length: 150 minutes

Price: 3590 CZK


In order for a woman to radiate beauty directly, she must feel relaxed, balanced and satisfied. Find the lost energy and rejuvenate your body with a sensational touch of Javanese tradition. This enchanting ritual gives women the energy they need, cares for their skin and effectively fights the signs of ageing.

Procedure: Herbal body peeling, Bengkoang body mask, massage with soybean oil or soybean essential oil from the Ratus herb.