Special 60 minutes - Javanese massage 

Length : 60 minutes

Price: 990 CZK


For centuries, Javanese massage has been commonly practiced to promote better health. Gain new strength and give your mind an irreplaceable feeling of peace. Our Javanese massage is specially designed to provide relief from pain associated with muscles and joints. Enjoy the authentic technique of deep thumb pressure for complete rejuvenation. We assure you that you are in the hands of professionals.

Procedure: Body massage with soybean oil or essential oil.

Special 60 minutes - Bali massage

Length: 60 minutes

Price: 990 CZK


It comes from the world famous island of Bali in Indonesia. This ritual evokes a relaxing reaction that lowers heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure. It combines stronger and more gentle touches. It strengthens the immune system and reduces the effects of stress. The procedure ends with compression of specific points on the body that affect the internal organs.

Procedure: Body massage with soybean oil or soybean essential oil

Special for 2 - 90 minute massage

Length: 90 minutes

Price: 2990 CZK


Special for 2 persons, length 90 minutes, selection from 4 types of massages:

Taman Sari, Coin massage, Hot lava stones massage, Jamu massage

Choice according to preference 

Special for 2 - 120 minutes

Length: 120 minutes

Price: 3990 CZK


Ritual for 2 persons, length 120 minutes, selection from 2 rituals

Ancient Indonesian ritual, Detox programme, Slimming Anticellulite programme 

Large tub

Length: 30 minutes

Price: 590 CZK


Small tub

Length: 30 minutes

Price: 290 CZK


Special offer 9+1 hour free massage 

Loyalty programme for our regular customers.

After experiencing 9 hours of massages of your preference you receive 1 hour of massage of your choice