Royal utmost energising coin experience

Length: 120 minutes

Price: 2790 CZK


A unique massage, locally known as "Kerokan", is a ritual that Javanese people have practiced for hundreds of years. The ritual involves the use of a metal coin, a dermabrasive therapy that is used to treat cold symptoms such as headache, nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness and fainting.

Procedure: Coin massage, body massage with ginger oil or soybean oil, Boreh body mask.

Royal Bali Programme

Length: 120 minutes

Price: 2590 CZK


A miracle that benefits our whole body is heat. When heated, tense muscles are relaxed, dead skin cells are removed, relaxation and overall relieve occur. Experience the warm feeling of a Balinese Boreh mask for relaxation and a completely rejuvenated body.

Procedure: Body massage with soybean oil or soybean essential oil, Murut's body peeling and Boreh's body mask.

Royal Javanese Pampering

Length: 180 minutes

Price: 3990 CZK


Treat yourself to a bit of rest. Relaxation benefits not only your soul, but also your skin, which is demonstrably ageing more slowly. The procedure is aimed not only at cleansing the skin and suppressing the signs of ageing, but also to support blood circulation and general refreshment. The ritual offers complete relaxation and rejuvenation with a number of exotically healthy royal procedures. Let natural herbs cleanse your skin, improve blood circulation and nourish your skin with anti-ageing products.

Procedure: Body massage with soybean oil or soybean essential oil, herbal body peeling, Bengkoang body mask, Biocell facial.